Passively Grow Your Crypto Each Month

Members earn a fixed 10% USDT per media package, month after month.

For each 1100 USDT media package acquired - 1000 USDT is used in Advertising campaigns.

The other 100 USDT is designated to create a digital wallet and acquire crypto.

10% USDT is paid out every month on every 1000 USDT.

Acquire as many or as few media packages per batch as you’d like.

Each media package acquired creates a batch and has its own payout date.

The first batch loan payment is 32 days from the date of purchase.

Each 10% loan payout thereafter is on a 30-day cycle.

USDT's are “air-dropped” to your wallet via smart contract.

Delving into specifics, our crypto program is universally accessible, regardless of geographical location. It's important to remember that your USDT will be staked for a duration of 120 days minimum.

Each media package you acquire has a Loan repayment of 100 USDT which is deposited directly into your digital wallet.

We recommend using Trust Wallet or MetaMask for secure and hassle-free transactions.

Please avoid using centralized exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, or Kucoin for optimal transaction experience. For your convenience, we've provided helpful links below.

Investment - When you acquire a package, it is not investing, Investing requires many regulatory aspects. You are making a loan to PICG, that loan pays 10% each cycle.

Trading - There is absolutely nothing being traded with PICG. It is a private loan. The loan repayment is at 10% USDT per month/ 1000 USDT

Guarantee - No guarantee is made by PICG. PICG will simply pay back the loan at 10% per cycle. Your USDT loaned is available for withdrawal 120 days after smart contract commences. If the smart contract is terminated, loan payment of 10% will cease.

Company - PICG is NOT a company. PICG is issuing a private loan program operating on its own decentralized platform.

Securities -PICG does not buy or sell any securities.

Pyramid - PICG has no pyramid structure. In fact you don’t even need to tell anyone about it. Your loan repayment is exactly that.

Financial Advisor - PICG does not offer any financial advice. PICG is not a hedge fund, not a token, not a coin, not a security or an exchange.

Affiliate Marketing - PICG has no personal referral program. It is NOT affiliate marketing.

You can share the program outside of your household, Although it is NOT required that you share anything.

Refund - When you purchase a package the first cycle loan will be automatically sent to your digital wallet within 32 days, 30 days thereafter.

At any point you may cancel your package but the Loaned USDT will be out of smart contract on day 120 and the loan plus the 1st 3 cycles within those months will be paid back.

Referral - In order to receive 10% on your loan, you must maintain a minimum of one package.

Decentralized - In order to participate in PICG you can only use a decentralized wallet to acquire the loan payments from packages.

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